Being Social On Social Media Is Key


I know, I know, you have read the 80000 posts and infographics surrounding social media marketing and been force fed the overwhelming dialogue on “creating more content”, “SEO is important”, “create ad funnels”, “post your goods”. Its tiring just to read these things isnt it? What a commitment!


I strongly agree that ecommerce businesses and freelancers, especially, need to invest in these tasks to truly be both sustainable and successful.

But, the number one reason I believe in social activity and engagement is not what you expect me to say, I am sure.


Social media is just that- its social! Whether you sell products, services, or b2b the end goal is to be successful by giving the people what they want. But, what exactly do they want?

Engaging in social media is not as much about you as it is about your audience. What are they sharing? What problems are they opening up about? What excites them? What needs do they have and how can you devise a way to fulfill them.


You have before you the greatest, most expansive and available networking tools. Getting social is about connecting your story, to theirs. Reaching out to say- “I see you, let me help you help yourself”. In our modern world especially, it is not the what that inspires the consumer, resources are undoubtedly abundant.

It’s the why. The how. The who.

You cannot expect to thrive in this unceasingly connected way of life unless you care enough to deeply know your audience, and engage with true love in mind.

That is the real secret to ROI.

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