Fail, I Dare You

I want to speak on a bit of a different topic than the norm here at Make Space For Yourself. The reason for that is that for entrepreneurs especially, a large part of our journey can feel very isolated, daunting, and we start to wonder why we began in the first place. It’s a rough road, and I hope this will breathe encouragement into your life.

XXOO So, without further ado-

Failure. It’s hard isn’t it? When things do not go the way you expected or a business goes down the tubes and all your hard work goes seemingly wasted.

Im not going to tell you “that’s just how life works so smile and get over it”. There is enough false positivity out there already, and I am a realist (really!).

Failure feels so personal to us doesn’t it?  As if our success is tied to our souls inevitable worth. Though it really isnt. Your soul is  where the magic lives.

Even when you fail, fall, drop out, divorce, or lose the things that should of come first etc..

The soul is ready. It lives in the state of ever readiness. It is the mind, the thought processes, and the moods that truly fail us. Many of these things are tied to actionable processes that are more simply to change than you realise.

Depression, its not your soul, its dopamine

Anxiety, its not your soul its in the chemistry. Your feelings- your experiences- these constantly throw your soul unwillingly into the mix.

Failure hurts. But I truly believe in failure, where it ovetwhelms you should be seen as the souls attempt to literally force you into meeting who you have been all along.

In this age its trendy to say “I’m finding myself” because that isn’t true. You’ve been you all your life. Success starts with love and actual time spent getting to know this wonderful revealing of the soul.

Give failure your permission. Make it your best friend. Let it accompany you on walks and into meetings and interviews and even in filing bankruptcy.


Your success is born there is beauty in willingly looking at your failures and choosing to launch out into the deep.

Your soul, it is so, so good. Look no further.

You are the magic you have furiously been searching for.

Now, you are home.

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