That Damn Newsletter

Developing an Email Newsletter

The Problem

When we started a newsletter in January 2017, some of the biggest questions were familiar ones: What do I write about?

It was important for me to learn more about my ideal customer and get real with myself about what I really wanted to share with my audience.

Reflecting on some of my early newsletter sends, i remember making the decision to change my email content and tone. That was when I realized I didn’t want everything I sent to be deals, specials, and products.

The Solution

I decided to commit to focusing my newsletter on connecting with readers and providing unique value, highlighting new blog content and adding links to complementary products or networking events I was planning.


By aligning my content calendar with the email news schedule, I developed a manageable way to drive traffic to the website and engage my audience.
In recent newsletter, we used a Call to Action button to make recent blog articles more easily shareable and accessible to new potential paid clients and global readers.

In the early days, I built one email a month, working our way up to sending twice-monthly newsletters over time. Maintaining that pace until 2018, we then committed to sending one email every week—a schedule we have followed ever since.

Now, I consistently send my newsletter on Tuesday every week. The result: We simply wouldn’t have the same kind of traffic without our newsletters.

Another challenge we faced, was growing our subscriber list. In addition to promoting our newsletter on the website, blog, and social media, we decided to develop an incentive for new subscribers.

Having a killer opt-in offer not only catches the eye of potential customers, it also sets you apart from the crowd. In addition to offering a 25% off discount code, new subscribers receive a free calendar download.

Stand out to potential customers with an offer that highlights your unique skills and talents. It is equally as important to know what to offer and this undoubtedly comes from putting in the time to research, build relationships, and network; to achieve that all important deep understanding of your ideal customer.

Consider how you might incorporate your existing skill sets by offering a downloadable art print, a how-to guide for your product, or even a video training that will resonate with your distinct audience.

The Results

Maintaining a meaningful connection with subscribers has opened doors to provide a variety of benefits for Make Space over time.

Generating regular traffic to the website, building audience trust through direct communication, and increasing conversion for sales and products are just a few of our observed advantages. But, our favorite benefit of email marketing so far? Providing unique value to our most valuable customers (YOU!).

Your email subscribers are likely the members of your target audience that love your brand the most, so what better way to give back to them than through your newsletter?

There are a wide variety of ways you can present to provide value—sharing information they’re interested in, sneaks peeks, inspirational or humorous content, and occasional freebies or discounts.

  1. No two subscriber lists are the same, so try experimenting with new types of value-adding content to engage and grow your following.

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