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Today’s 5 Minute Marketing Tips


After setting up your actual blog we recommend diving in fully, doing research, focusing on the quality of your content rather than the social aspect.


While no, it’s not true if you “make they will come”, to grow you must reach out but we emphasize the making in the beginning because the social aspect can be overwhelming at first and your content may suffer because of it.

It will always take work but in the beginning it’s very crucial to put out something beneficial and extremely helpful or entertaining or no one will want to stick around!

Thus, what kind of diverse posting creates organic traffic? The subject has much less to do with it than the format, believe it or not.



Five minute content tips we suggest:
Create headlines


Short paragraphs broken up by subheadings and block quotes


Use a highly readable font at at least 14pt


Create plenty of white space instead of cramming in ads on sidebars


Use bullet points. Skimmers love the bullets!

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