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Creative Live’s Free On-Air Classes

I dont know about you but I absolutely love FREE resources. FREE anything, really. I’m a cheap drunk, a cheap crafter, and especially, a cheap “Creative Live-r”. The only thing I love more than free (and obligatory Jesus, my children, and world peace…) is LEARNING!

I cant tell you how many times I’ve honed my skills with Creative Live classes and actually, truly learned things I could apply to this blog and my professional life.

Now I’m proud to be a Creative Live affiliate because they have such great content for such fantastical prices (fantastical is totally a word, maybe).

The following are a few I absolutely recommend of which you can find the best prices ever through this blog. By best prices, I mean we are back to my favorite thing…FREE!! To access these classes click here or click on the specific course description below.

These are only for THIS WEEK, so dont hesitate and just jump in to learn skills that are actually, authentically actionable. 


🙂 Its a win-win, seriously!

Free On-Air Classes – Week of 1/27

Class Name: The Beginner Photographer’s Crash Course
Text Link: The Beginner Photographer’s Crash Course Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 01/27/2019
End Date: 01/28/2019
RSVP Date: 01/27/2019

Class Name: Build a Community & Grow Your Standout Business
Text Link: Build a Community & Grow Your Standout Business Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 01/28/2019
End Date: 01/29/2019
RSVP Date: 01/28/2019

Class Name: The Starter Portrait Studio: One Light, One Reflector
Text Link: The Starter Portrait Studio: One Light, One Reflector Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 01/29/2019
End Date: 01/30/2019
RSVP Date: 01/29/2019

Class Name: Invitations in Photoshop
Text Link: Invitations in Photoshop Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 01/30/2019
End Date: 01/31/2019
RSVP Date: 01/30/2019

Class Name: The Professional Photographer’s Digital Workflow
Text Link: The Professional Photographer’s Digital Workflow Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 01/31/2019
End Date: 02/01/2019
RSVP Date: 01/31/2019

Class Name: Value Pricing & Business Models for Creative Entrepreneurs
Text Link: Value Pricing & Business Models for Creative Entrepreneurs Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 02/01/2019
End Date: 02/02/2019
RSVP Date: 02/01/2019


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