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Ten Steps To Make A (Digital) Cake

Today I wanted to share with you all one of my recent projects. I dont know if it’s really ten steps…its some steps, but not TOO many.

I love making cakes. Digital cakes that is. They are so fun and can be used for so many different projects- logos, packaging, cards, planner stickers, thank you stickers or cards. The list is endless, and here is how I put them together.


Step One

Make, or select your color palette. Your color palatte will obviously depend on the type of project you are planning on building. For wedding invitations you probably want to stick to the wedding colors. This link gives you an enormous FIFTY color sites for graphic designers, but my favorite thing for these simple cake projects is typically al- just look up “color palattes” on Pinterest, of course!! The following is very similar to the one I chose for my spring-ey cake!


Check Out My Cake Gallery

Step Two

Gather, or make your palette of brush strokes. So listen, I would rather not make my strokes although its possible. Usually I just head on over to shops such as Bloomsical, LABFcreations, or Write Lovely to start my projects.


The ones I ended up choosing were

Yellow from Write Lovely

Orange and Neutrals from LABFcreations


Step Three 

Decide on your topping. You dont have to make a topping but I was feeling the fruit. A few other ideas might be flowers, balloons or unicorn horns. 


Let’s move on…

Step Second To Last

Choose your medium and build. By far my favorites are Adobe Draw or Picmonkey to use on the go. Heres the video tutorial I made using Draw (and a screen recorder)o help show you how to do this.

Check Out My Cake Gallery


Step First To Last

Save, and reduce down for listing uploads. Once you are done creating your digital cake you can use it as is or reduce it down in size to use for listings if you plan on selling your creation. I often do this using Picmonkey.

First you open the program and go to Blank Canvas

Second go to the small button on the left, “Size”

Select the third size labeled “Square”

Next, add your creation to the page by scrolling to graphics then selecting your file

Last, load your graphic and size it as large as will fit the screen then click save. Save to “photos”. Your photo will be saved to your phones photo gallery.


Happy Making! Leave me questions and such in the comments and dont forget to share this post!!!!!! If you want to see more cakes I have made, check out my cake gallery



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