What Is Content?

If you are new to content marketing it can be a little bit overwhelming-trust me when I say- I totally get pothat! And have been there. Exhausted, I showed, hours of time spent trying to keep up with the trends and content pumped out unceasingly by agency 800% more staffed than my own. Whewww, that’s a place I never want to go back to.

And you dont have to either! When I talk about content creation and management at Make Space, if you are not already on the up and up, it can be even more disheartening, and I definitely dont want that, so…


Defined here, content creation has a few different components.

It is creating blog posts for, and with, you either as a “ghostwriter”, or not.

It can also mean creating website copy such as about me pages, product/service descriptions, tutorials and site directions.

It can also mean creating, scheduling, and following through with managing social posts, newsletters, email management, replying to questions, and/or gathering feedback for you to really dig in and learn both who your target is- what they are looking for- and how you can be what they never knew they needed but communicating the need in a compelling way.


These are just a few ways we use content to serve you, with many other variants here and there. Dont be intimidated, if you know what you need to have done but are not sure its something that we do- email us. We do it.

Or, we refer you to reliable resources that do. Please dont hesitate to ask as we definitely do custom projects based on client need often, and love it!