Hi, I’m Mary Lee!

If you are looking to live your life a little more unplugged, you have come to the right place!

Make Space began as a desperate mission. I found my life in a season of brokenness, literally. My heart was full of possibles but getting from possible to probable then on to didable, was a different story!

I registered several places to write content and copywriting, which I loved. But doing that was so chaotic! There had to be a better way, and not one I had to bid on. Quite frankly, I could not afford a domain and hosting, nor the fees to join those communities.

It was so depressing. I cannot express the sorrow I felt in being so stuck, I had dreamed of exiting an abusive relationship for so long and finally had done so. But I was clueless as to reintegrating myself into the corporate world.

Then it dawned on me. Maybe I could create my own content creative group and hire a team to implement my vision. Maybe I could create something brave and creative and investing in the lives of others. It took a lot of effort and time but now, here we are.

Make Space is so personal to me. We provide custom content for all kinds of businesses and philanthropic organizations. We write what really matters- love-determination, and impeccable grammar of course!

We also provide training in business practices, software, and mobile applications, keeping you involved in our process.

In addition, what you invest in content creation and other services we provide, you directly invest in the lives of those who have exited abusive relationships. We train and employ some incredible people, dedicated to giving back and honing their craft.

Find out more about that, here.